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Illinois: H.B. 1063 (criminal) 03/11/2013 S.B. 1933 (civil) 03/11/2013

RE: Public Hearing on Bill No. A1771 (The Statute of Limitations Applicable to Sexual Abuse against Minors), Friday, March 8, 2013, 10:00 A.M. (Assembly Hearing Room, 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, Room 1923)03/08/2013

RE: Hearing on Minnesota Senate Bill 534 and House Bill 681, Sexual abuse civil actions limitation period modification (Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 8:15AM) 03/06/2013

RE: California Senate Bill 131, An act to amend Section 340.1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, relating to damages 03/04/2013

SOL Reform in the News:

Recent News

Date Title Author Source PDF
04/05/2013 Press Release - Oregon HB3284      
04/05/2013 Remedies Clause does not affect plaintiffs.  Only defendants.  Why would person on Task Force be so invested in protecting predators rather than learning about perpetrators to protect kids? Kevin Zwick Capitolwire  
04/04/2013 GO ILLINOIS! Feigenholtz's Legislation on Child Sex Offenders Wins Approval      
04/04/2013 BREAKING: Doylestown priest accused in civil suit of sexual assault      
04/03/2013 Fighting for victims in my home state PA legislators grasp at straws  Capital Wire PDF
04/02/2013 This is why we NEED SOL reform! (Oregon Priest gets 6 years for child sex abuse) Huffington Post
04/01/2013 Lawmakers look to lift statute on child sex crimes in IL Kendall Downing WPSD Local 6  
04/01/2013 Bradley wants to remove statute of limitations on child sex assaults The Southern    
03/31/2013 FL Hero shares story Christine Hawks Herald Tribune
03/30/2013 Unjust SOL in CA
Matthias Gafni
03/25/2013 Mass. Sen. Will Brownsberger outlines plans to pass SOL bill Bram Peterson Daily Free Press
03/25/2013 Professor Marci Hamilton, MaleSurvivor, FACSA issue statement on TODAY show and NBC's airing of Sandusky interview Michael O' Keefe NY Daily News  
03/21/2013 Shattuck case becomes focal point in bill to aid sexual abuse victims Brian Lambert Minn Post

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL


Author: Lisa Kubota Source: Hawaii News Now
03/20/2013 MN Judiciary Committee passes window! Madeleine Baran Minnesota Public Radio

Eloquent defense of reform by MA senator!

Professor Hamilton Comment on Child Sexual Abuse — Legislative Update:

Sen. Brownsberger’s SOL bill creates justice for many victims now shut out of court. And, an opportunity to learn the truth about institutions and families with hidden information about child sex abuse.

03/19/2013 Great op-ed on MN reform James C. Backstrom Star Tribune
03/18/2013  All victims over 30 still shut out, most permanently.  Enact window! Kirk Wilson CBS 21 News
03/18/2013 Perp only known due to CA and HI windows! Mark Gallagher, Jeff Anderson & Associates
03/18/2013 Proposals to reform child protection legislation strike contrasting approaches at state Capitol Ivey DeJesus PennLive
03/17/2013 One local woman with a history of childhood sexual abuse is pleading with officials to consider the bills. Go Kristen! Rebecca LeFever York Daily Record
03/15/2013 Leading legal expert challenges Rep. Ron Marsico's concerns on child sex abuse bill Ivey DeJesus PennLive
03/14/13 Secrets in the Vatican, Sunshine Here in the US  Marci Hamilton Huffington Post  
Action in VA! The Governor has signed into law HB 1892 (attached), which clarifies the date of accrual for delayed causal connections of child sex abuse. Cause of action accrues upon removal of infancy, or when the fact of the injury and its causal connection to the sexual abuse is first communicated to the person by a licensed physician, psychologist, or clinical psychologist, whichever is later. We have removed the language related to the victims personal knowledge. It is now a totally objective standard of "when was the victim told" rather than "when did the victim know." View Bill Text 03/14/2013
03/13/13 Without CA window, Mahony would stil be hiding these secrets! Congrats brave survivors! Michael Winter USA Today
03/12/2013 Survivor Rep. Bishop stands up for SOL reform!    
03/11/2013 PA Window is Constitutional.  Marsico is choosing to protect bishops and perps. Charles Thompson Penn Live
03/11/2013 Illinois Eyes Change To Sexual Abuse Litigation   CBS St. Louis
03/10/2013 Prof. Hamilton's answers to the arguments raised by opponents of child sex abuse victims and SOL reform 
03/08/2013 Child sex abuse survivor exemplifies need for change Bill White Allentown Morning Call
03/07/2013 New York May Ease Statute of Limitations for Decades­Old Child Sex Abuse Claims Paul Berger The Jewish Daily Forward
03/05/2013 Changes to child sex abuse statute of limitations in Washington mean justice for victims and prosecution for offenders Jim Harlove Senate Democrats
03/04/2013 Hawaii window creates justice for survivor of abuse by adoptive father N/A SF Gate
03/04/2013 Donna Dunn: Support the Minnesota Child Victims Act Donna Dunn Winona Daily News

Bill would restrict custody rights of convicted child sex­abusers in Maryland

Capital News Service Maryland Daily Record

Next MN Event: Wednesday, March 6th (view info)


Victims Of Child Abuse Fight To Change MN's Statute Of Limitations

CBS Minnesota

Ex-NFLer, sexually abused as a kid, opposes time limits on justice

Ruben Rosario

Good story on SOL reform in MN!: Bill Would Eliminate Deadline for Child Sex Abuse Suits

Mark Albert
02/27/2013 How next pope must tackle child sex abuse Jeff Anderson CNN
02/26/2013 Actor/drama teacher charged. Lawyer: checking SOLs   Fox 9 Twin Cities
02/26/2013 Poly Prep-inspired Child Victims Act to be heard in New York State Assembley next month Michael O' Keefe NY Daily News
02/26/2013 Mo. House panel approves child sex abuse measure Associated Press Enquire Herald
02/25/2013 One more reason PA needs SOL reform: Stephen Baker, Friar, May Have Sexually Abused Dozens In Ohio, Pennsylvania Catholic Schools John Seeweer Huffington Post

5K run in Philly area to benefit SOLs!!

Registration Information online at Justice4PAKids

Assembly Holds March 8 Public Hearing in NYC to Look at Reform of How State Deals with Child Sex Abuse Crimes
Assemblywoman Margaret Markey
02/19/2013 MO Moves to Improve SOLs Mike Lear Missouri Net
02/17/2013 'Propensity evidence' could return in child sex abuse cases Jonathan Shorman
02/13/2013 February 2013 Letter to NY Governor Cuomo Assemblywoman Margaret Markey
02/13/2013 February 2013 Update on NY Child Victims Act Assemblywoman Margaret Markey

View Video & Corresponding Article on Plymouth Patch website

02/13/2013 Advocates propose lifting state of limitations for sex abuse lawsuits Jeremy Olson Minneapolis Star Tribune
02/13/2013 PA House Approves Child Abuse Bills NBC Philadelphia
02/12/2013 Victims and Advocacy Organizations to Announce Support for Child Sexual Abuse Legislation in Minnesota National Center for Victims of Crime  
02/10/2013 Testimony from children can make or break sexual abuse case Joel Aschbrenner Des Moines Register
02/07/2013 State Senate Set to Vote on Bill Protecting Victims of Sexual Abuse
KARK 4 News
Arkansas Matters
02/06/2013 Child sex abuse survivor still waiting for justice Bill White The Morning Call
02/04/2013 Wash steps up on sol reform!
State looking to extend statute of limitations for child abuse
Joel Moreno KOMO News

Department of Justice Unreported Crimes Report

Victims struggle to come outward and need SOLs to be eliminated for them

Department of Justice
02/02/2013 CA window is reason we now know LA Archdiocese was watching short SOLs to avoid liability

File of Rev. Kevin Barmasse

(View Information about the LA Archidose-coming soon)

01/31/2013 CA SOL reform led to mass release of documents about abuse Gillian Flaccus Huffington Post  
01/28/2013 Pittsburgh Diocese alerts alumni, parishioners of Franciscan accused of sexual abuse, Rev. Michael Ledoux Jason Cato TribNews
01/26/2013 11 young men settle lawsuit from mid-1980s in PA Matthew T. Mangino The Altoona Mirror
01/26/2013 OC District Attorney to reopen molestation cases involving Wilmington teacher Robert Pimental Jason Kandel NBC 4
01/25/2013 San Jose senator introduces bill to eliminate SOL for some sex abuse survivors Christina Villacorte Daily News LA
01/24/2013 Victims Accuse L.A. Catholic Church Leaders Of Covering Up Sex Abuse All Things Considered Tovia Smith NPR  
01/24/2013 The Link Between a Window and the Public Learning the Truth About Institutional Cover Up Marci Hamilton
01/23/2013 State lawmakers trying again to remove or extend statute of limitations for child sex victims Mark Shade
01/23/2013 The archdiocese's cover-up   LA Times
01/23/2013 Bishop, McGeehan announce reintroduction of child sex abuse bills   Pennsylvania House of Representatives
01/23/2013 NY assemblywoman seeks to eliminate statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes Michael O'Keeffe NY Daily News
01/23/2013 Renewed push to update statute-of-limitations laws in child sex abuse cases   CBS 21
01/23/2013 Press Conference for Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations Reform Marci Hamilton  
01/22/2013 Mahony's efforts deplorable, yet not surprising Steve Lopez LA Times
01/18/2013 January 2013 Update on the Child Victims Act of New York Margaret Markey  
01/16/2013 Child sex abuse lawsuit against Holy Redeemer school principal thrown out Patricia Montemurri Detroit Free Press
01/14/2013 The Science of Sex Abuse Rachel
The New Yorker
01/07/2013 How can we prevent child abuse if we don’t understand paedophilia? Sarah
Independent Voices
01/07/2013 Victims of abuse by priests respond to task force’s recommendations to legislature Jessica Machetta Missouri Net
01/06/2013 Our homegrown pro-rape culture is out and proud – from Steubenville to the expiration of VAWA. Pam Spaulding Pam’s House Blend

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