SOL vs. perp: +5 years from majority = Age 23
SOL vs. employer: +5 years from majority = Age 23

Majority Tolling: √       Age 18
Discovery Tolling: √    Liberal (+5 years)

Age of Consent: 16

None for sexual abuse or lewd conduct with a child

None for rape victims under Age 18.

+5 years from commission or +3 years from reporting for other remaining felonies.

APPLICATION: All claims not barred as of March 13, 2006.

2015 Pending Legislation

No pending bills at this time.

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Georgia lawmakers may lengthen the time child sex abuse victims can take legal actions against the adults who molested them.

Step in the right direction in GA on SOL More needs to be done, though! Expired claims need to be revived to learn who the hidden GA perps are.