DC eliminating civil SOL & creating 2-year window (B. 141);
eliminating criminal SOL (B. 87)
GA    extending civil SOL & creating a 2-year window (H.B. 17)
FL     extending civil SOL (H.B. 133)
IA      extending criminal and civil SOL and creating a 3-year window  (S.F. 107)
IN     extending criminal SOL (S.B. 94)
MD extending civil SOL (H.B. 275, S.B. 668)
MI     eliminating criminal SOL (H.B. 4231)
ND eliminating civil SOL and creating a 4-year window (S.B. 2331)
NY eliminating criminal and civil SOL and creating a 1-year window (A. 02872 & S. 00063); civil and criminal elimination (A. 2504); civil and criminal extension (S 1492)
OH    eliminating the 20-year statute of limitations in using DNA to convict rapists in Ohio (S.B. 13)
PA     eliminating civil SOL (S.B. 173) eliminating criminal SOL (S.B. 172)
TX     eliminating civil SOL (S.B. 113)
UT    eliminating civil SOL (H.B. 277);