Open window until 2016 for expired claims
SOL vs. perp: None
SOL vs. employer: +2 years from majority = Age 20

Majority Tolling: √ – Age 18
Discovery Tolling: √ – Liberal

Age of Consent: 16

None for most crimes.

2015 Pending Legislation

No pending bills at this time.  View SOL Snapshot

Previously Introduced Legislation

Passed in 2013:

Minnesota Child Victims Act

View Full Bill Text & Tracking H.F. 681

Professor Marci A. Hamilton Testimony

03/06/13: Testimony on Minnesota Senate Bill 534 and House Bill 681

RE: Hearing on Minnesota Senate Bill 534 and House Bill 681, Sexual abuse civil actions limitation period modification (Wednesday, March 6, 2013 – 8:15AM)

State SOL News

The MN Child Victims Act made it through the House/Senate Conference Committee.

The MN Child Victims Act made it through the House/Senate Conference Committee. Will now return to each House.  Go MN! This is the language as passed in the Conference Committee today:

BREAKING NEWS: MN Window passes Senate!!

Minnesota Senate passes bill removing civil statute of limitation on child sex abuse lawsuits A bill that would make it easier for Minnesotans who were sexually abused as children to bring civil lawsuits against their abuser or the institution that enabled that abuse could soon become law. It passed the Minnesota Senate unanimously on Wednesday, […]

Child sex abuse liability bill clears the House

Child sex abuse liability bill clears the House by Briana Bierschbach Published: May 1,2013 Time posted: 4:59 pm Tags: child sex abuse, Mary Liz Holberg, Ron Latz, Steve Simon Under current law there is a six-year statute of limitations on filing lawsuits seeking financial damages for sex abuse claims. The new bill, authored by DFL Rep. Steve Simon, would […]




The Minnesota House could vote today (May 1st) on an overdue measure to allow victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to pursue justice through civil courts. The Minnesota Child Victims Act would relax the civil statute of limitations, which is unduly narrow and protective of sexual predators. The Senate is considering a similar measure. […]

MN House to vote on window on May 1! MN voters call your reps!

Wednesday, May 1st,  the Minnesota Child Victims Act will be considered for final passage by the Minnesota House.  Follow the bill on the Calendar for the Day.  Amendments may be offered to bill before its final passage.  Watch our House actions live   Here.     —   The bill here: H.F. 681     — VERY IMPORTANT – Contact your Representative  Here

MN survivor backs MN Sol reform and deserves it

Cambridge resident sexually abused 33 years ago supports Minnesota Child Victims Act The statute of limitations expired on Cambridge resident Joel Juers, who at age 47, was trying to gain justice against an alleged sex abuser. Joel Juers, 47, of Cambridge, was allegedly sexually abused by a teacher when Juers attended Faribault Shattuck-St. Mary’s School. […]

MN Religious Council fighting SOL reform in MN–what happened to helping the downtrodden

Lobbyist in MN is the MN Religious Council. They must have lots of funds to be able to deflect efforts from the poor and downtrodden to fight child sex abuse survivors in state legislature.  Talk about having lost your way. Here’s the registered lobbyist that are fighting us in MN: Associations / Lobbyists Registered With Minnesota Campaign […]

Fingers crossed for MN sol reform!

Legislature Nears Vote On Removing Time Limits For Abuse Victims To Sue ST. PAUL, Minn. — As the state Legislature nears a vote on a controversial bill that would give victims of sexual abuse more time to sue, a new book chronicles the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, including some key characters and […]