SOL vs. perp: +2 years from majority = Age 20
SOL vs. employer: +2 years from majority = Age 20

Majority Tolling: √       Age 18
Discovery Tolling: 

Liberal (+ 2)  intentional  conduct

Narrow (+ 2) years negligence

Statute of Repose: No claims after age 38

Age of Consent: 16

None if: A victim notified law enforcement within twelve years after discovery of the crime, physical evidence is collected preserved for DNA testing, and the identity of offender is subsequently established through the use of DNA profiling. Prosecution under this exception must be commenced within three years of identification. The limitation was increased from seven to twelve years in 2005.

Must be within twelve years for rape or forcible sodomy, sodomy, lewd or indecent proposals or acts against children, involving minors in pornography.

2015 Pending Legislation

No pending bills at this time.

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