Featured in the November 2014 Child Sex Abuse in USA Swimming expose:

Sex Crimes and Young Athletes: The author of “Unprotected,” an expert on the sexual abuse of children, and two lawyers on the front lines discuss the sex-abuse horror stories that plague youth sports—and why these cases often go unreported for years.




Anna Strzempko: Author Rachel Sturtz and lawyer Jonathan Little talk about the case of Anna Strzempko, who says she was raped multiple times by her coach, starting at age 13.

Why Is Abuse So Common? Experts discuss how increasingly competitive youth-sports cultures in the United States, combined with lack of oversight and outright cover-ups, have created a dangerous environment for young athletes.

The Culture of USA Swimming: Lawyers Robert Allard and Jonathan Little discuss why USA Swimming has done such a poor job of protecting young swimmers.



A Lack of Oversight: Without strict guidelines and government oversight, Allard and Little argue, national governing bodies under the umbrella of the U.S. Olympic Committee have set their own rules and regulations—ones that have often been lax.

Warning Signs: Experts discuss what parents can do to prevent abuse and discuss new policies and guidelines that could help protect young athletes.

The Path to Reform: Lawyers Allard and Little outline what they think should change at USA Swimming to reform the organization.

We Need Help in This Fight: Many experts think USA Swimming isn’t going to make the necessary changes under its current leadership and that the federal government may have to intervene.