4 year window currently open 2012-2016

SOL vs. perp, employer: Window revives expired SOLs until April 2016
All others: +8 years from majority = Age 26 or (Discovery + 3 years)

Majority Tolling: √ – Age 18
Discovery Tolling: √ – Liberal (+3 years)

Age of Consent: 16

None for sexual assault in the first and second degrees, and continuous sexual assault of a minor under Age 14 (effective 6/20/14)
Age 24 for all class A felonies
Age 21 years for all other felonies

John Roe No. 8, et. al v. Ram, No. 14-00027 LEK-RLP, slip op. (D. Haw. Aug, 29, 2014) (order denying defendant’s motion to dismiss), available at

2015 Pending Legislation

No pending bills at this time.  View SOL Snapshot

Professor Marci A. Hamilton Testimony

State SOL News

Great decision on window constitutionality in Hawaii

View PDF of order denying motion to dismiss.

Hawaii lawmakers extend time for sex abuse cases

Sky did not fall-- Hawaii extends window for 2 years

New sex abuse lawsuits filed as filing deadline nears (Hawaii News Now)

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)…

Hawaii Window Creates Another Opportunity for Justice--This Time Against Hollywood Power

UPDATED: A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Hawaii Federal Court alleges…

Moving documentary on abuser outed by Hawaii window!

Moving documentary on abuser outed by Hawaii window! http…

Predator being brought to justice ONLY because Hawaii enacted window for access to justice!

Love Serve Surrender: A VICE News Investigation (Trailer) A…

Toughen laws against child-sex predators

Children who are raped, sodomized and otherwise sexually abused…

Hawaii Hearing Postponed until 28th

Not too late! Submit your own testimony

Hawaii: Bills may give more victims chance for justice

HAWAII The Worthy Adversary Posted by Joelle Casteix on March…

Submitted testimony for H.B. 2034 on Mar 19, 2014 10:00AM

View as PDF: Hawaii H.B. 2034 HD2 submitted Marci A.…

Lawsuit by former Kamehameha students alleges decades of sex abuse

Fruits of Hawaii window -- about to close!

Hawaii HB 2034 moving onto Senate!

HB 2034 passed Third Reading as amended in HD 2 with none voting…

Jay Ram's motion to dismiss and supporting declaration

Failure of service is not our problem-- Just window const

02/08/13: Hawaii Action Alert

Hawaii Action Alert Both new SOL bills passed the relevant…

02/07/14: Testimony Before House Committee on Judiciary on H.B. 2034

Re: Hawaii H.B. 2034 (Eliminates the civil and criminal statutes of limitations for victims of sexual assault in the first and second degree and continuous sexual assault of a minor under the age of fourteen years)

Lawsuit claims 2 boys molested at pineapple camp

Lawsuit claims 2 boys molested at pineapple camp By JENNIFER…

This never would have gone to court without the Hawaii window!

Lawsuit: Mormon church covered up sexual abuse at Hawaii camps Courts » Two Utah men claim they were sexually molested decades ago as boys.

Funcheon Updates & Information

Press Release: March 21, 2013 In shocking video testimony,…

Sworn Video Statement of Gerald Funcheon (Honolulu, Hawaii)…

Hawaii window creates justice for survivor of abuse by adoptive father

Former Big Island farmer accused of abusing child

Former Damien students file lawsuit for alleged sexual abuse

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Hawaii’s Battle Over Its Statutes of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse: Why the Legislature Was Right to Unanimously Vote for Reform, and Why the Governor Should Not Fulfill His Veto Threat

Hawaii’s Battle Over Its Statutes of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse: Why the Legislature Was Right to Unanimously Vote for Reform, and Why the Governor Should Not Fulfill His Veto Threat View…