SOL vs. perp: +10 years from majority = Age 28
SOL vs. employer: +10 years from majority = Age 28

Majority Tolling: √       Age 18
Discovery Tolling: √    Liberal

Age of Consent: 17

Age 48 (30 years from victim’s 18th birthday) for sexual battery, second degree sexual battery, oral sexual battery, human trafficking, trafficking of children for sexual purposes, felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, indecent behavior with juveniles, pornography involving juveniles, molestation of a juvenile, prostitution of persons under eighteen, enticing persons into prostitution, crime against nature, aggravated crime against nature, crime against nature by solicitation involving victim under 17 (crimes after 8/15/05)

Age 48 for child pornography/trafficking (effective 8/1/12)

Age 28 (crimes before 8/15/05), previously was 10 years from age 18.

2015 Pending Legislation

No pending bills at this time.

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