SOL Hero of the Month

May 2015 – Rep. Jason Spencer

Rep. Jason Spencer introduced and passed reform legislation, the Hidden Predator Act (HB 17, 2015), which extends the civil statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse cases. The Hidden Predator Act allows survivors can gain access to justice and expose the identities of hidden pedophiles in the state of Georgia.

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December 2013

Tony and Doreen, good people pushing for good laws in IL!

October 2013

Sen Jom Beall of CA for fighting the good fight for SB 131

August 2013

Senator Maile S.L. Shimabukuro, Hawaii

July 2013

Sen. Karen Peterson of Delaware is one of the leading pioneers in SOL reform in the United States. She led the charge to enact a window in 2007, and to eliminate the civil SOL that same year. When a technicality blocked the 2007 window from being applied to abusing health care professionals, she also led the charge to enacting a 2010 window that would apply to health care professionals in Delaware. Thanks Sen. Peterson for your vision and passion for the protection of children!

Senator Joe Dunn, California
Senator Martha Escutia (ret.), California
Senator Karen Peterson, Delaware
Representative Debra Hudson, Delaware
Senator Benjamin Cruz, Guam
Survivor Lauren Book, Florida (view article)
Senator Maile S.L. Shimabukuro, Hawaii
Senator Ron Laz, Minnesota
Representative Steve Simon, Minnesota
Former Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, Pennsylvania
Representative Louise Bishop, Pennsylvania
Representative Michael P. McGeehan, Pennsylvania
Representative Mark Rozzi, Pennsylvania
Assemblywoman Marge Markey, New York

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