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Current Criminal Law


Pending Bills



Child Abuse Hotline Law To Be Posted In Schools (AP)

A Signed by Governor Cuomo to amend the education law which requires all schools to post Child Abuse Hotline. In effect immediately!

Assemblywoman Markey, They Walk Brooklyn Bridge to Fix Child Sex Abuse SOL Laws

Child sex abuse survivors and advocates rally to push New York State Legislature to reform archaic NY’s statute of limitations, expose hidden pedophiles


Survivors of childhood sex abuse, dozens of advocacy organizations from around New York State, and their families, friends, and supporters will march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday, June 5th to demonstrate broad public support for the Child Victims Act.

Sam Kestenbaum, Cuomo Mum on Child Sex Abuse Bill as Deadline Nears,

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has dodged repeated entreaties from advocates against child sexual abuse to support legislation that would enable many victims of this crime to seek justice from their abusers.

Let Albany Leaders Know You Want to Fix SOL Laws

Please send me an email to let me know the results of your call. And thank you for your support of the Child Victims Act.

Honored to meet international child advocate Manny Waks in Albany

Honored to meet international child advocate Manny Waks in Albany

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