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Remarks from Survivor Harold Siering from 2016 NY CSA Lobby Day

I really hate hearing the phrase “memories faded” it is such an insensitive remark to a survivor like me I wish my memory has faded.

Jewish leaders and rabbis support NY Child Victims Act

Many rabbis and Jewish leaders have seen in our communities the wounds caused by sexual predators; wounds whose pain cannot be overstated, wounds that may never be fully healed. We also painfully acknowledge that rather than being a source of healing for victims of child sexual abuse, religious institutions have too often been a part of the problem.

Get Ready for CVA Lobby Day in Albany Next Week

I’m expecting people from all across New York State in Albany on May 3 and May 4 to speak to their elected state officials about the Child Victims Act and the importance of reforming New York State’s antiquated statute of limitations (SOL) for child sex abuse crimes.


Our CVA Lobby Days are Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3 and May 4. The Tuesday program will include a roundtable where abuse in sports, schools and families will be discussed by a panel of experts and survivors. The second day has been inspired by the Academy Award-winning film “Spotlight” which helps us put the focus on hidden abuse in the Catholic Church and related SOL issues in NY State.

Douglas Dowty, DA looks into allegations of possible sex abuse at All Saints Elementary amid baby porn case,

The Onondaga County District Attorney's Office is probing whether…

Rape toolkit in English and Hebrew

Rape toolkit in English and Hebrew

Elana Sztokman, On Marc Gafni, the New York Times, and how sexual-predator rabbis get communal support, Medium

Must read on blind devotion to abusers when they are powerful men

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