Menachem Tewel, 32, commonly known as Mendel Tevel, was released from prison today on good behavior after serving less than seven months of a one year sentence.

Tevel was arrested in Beverly Hills, Calif. and extradited to Brooklyn, New York in October 2013 after a warrant was issued for his arrest for several counts of criminal sex acts with minors. In April of 2015, Tevel agreed to a plea bargain with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, stipulating he plead guilty to only two counts for criminal sexual acts in the third degree, which under New York penal law constitutes anal or oral sex with a minor under the age of 17 while the defendant is over the age of 21. The Kings County court sentenced him to a one-year imprisonment term on June 8 2015.

As a result of the conviction, Tevel is required to register as a sex offender within 10 days of his release. In the event that he returns to California, he will be required to register there as well.

Tevel’s victims ranged from ages 6 to 14 years old. The abuse occurred over the span of nearly a decade. At the time of the arrest in Beverly Hills, Tevel was working in close proximity with children at the JEM Community Center. Tevel’s father-in-law, Rabbi Hertzel Illulian, is the founder and director of the JEM Center.

Mendel Tevel is a dangerous man with many victims in multiple states. We encourage anyone who sees Tevel engaging with unsupervised children or frequenting at a place, such as the JEM Center, where children are known to congregate, to contact Jewish Community Watch by phone at (718) 841-7056 or by email at

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