Doe v. St. John's Episcopal Parish Day Sch., 2014 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 17982

ORDER BEFORE THE COURT are three motions to dismiss the Complaint:…

Cisko v. Diocese of Steubenville, 123 So.3d 83 (Dist. Ct. of Appeal of Fla., 3d Dist. 2013)

affirming the lower court’s determination that the delayed discovery doctrine under Hearndon v. Graham was intended to be limited to intentional tort actions against child sexual abuse defendants, and holding that Plaintiff’s negligence claim was barred by the statute of limitations

Rubio v. Archdiocese of Miami, Inc., 114 So.3d 279 (Dist. Ct. of Appeal of Fla., 3d Dist. 2013)

holding that the defendant was not equitably estopped from asserting statute of limitations as a defense because the plaintiff did not allege any facts that demonstrated the Archdiocese “caused or induced him to refrain from filing suit within the limitations period,” and finding that Plaintiff’s claims were appropriately dismissed as time-barred