Both Were Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Both Were Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Church lifts ban of Indian priest convicted of sex assault, Associated Press

This is a self-destructive decision that bodes ill for the future of the institutional Church itself

Rape toolkit in English and Hebrew

Rape toolkit in English and Hebrew

Tom Patterson, Syria's 'lost generation' of girls, CNN

Syria's 'lost generation' of girls

Bianca Hall, Men who rape children less likely to be jailed than those who rape adults, The Age

Disgusting but not surprising. Adults typically care more about adults than children

Melissa Cunningham and Matthew Dixon, Victims left reeling from shock Cardinal George Pell decision, Great Lakes Advocate

Survivors have good point shouldn't have to be the ones ensuring safety of children, but when the institutions let us down, they have to be

Operation Hydrant: UK police identify 2,228 child abuse suspects, BBC

UK studies "non recent" abuse and identifies hidden predators. U.S. needs to do the same
Imagine the truths that our federal government could produce from the darkest corners of our country