Sean Streaty, Rep. Scherer sponsors legislation aimed at Child Sex Predators, WAND17

State Representative Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) sponsors legislation to end the statute of limitations involving sex crimes against minors under 18.

Emily Coleman, Former Crystal Lake, Johnsburg priest accused of sexually abusing child, Northwest Herald

A lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses a priest, formerly of churches…

Rep. Moeller Co-Sponsoring Bill to Extend Statute of Limitations in Sexual Assault Cases (Chicago Tribune)

Senate Bill 2609 changes the start of the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases from when the crime occurs to when the rape kit has been collected, processed and analyzed. This measure addresses the sometimes years-long backlog in processing evidence kits.

Kifowit-Supported Law to Increase Prosecution of Sex Offenders Takes Effect (HB 1063)

Posted By State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit,Community Contributor4:00…