Child Abuse Hotline Law To Be Posted In Schools (AP)

On July 21, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law bill A6961-A, an act to amend the education law, in relation to posting the Child Abuse Hotline in schools. Assemblyman Mike Miller was the prime sponsor of this bill in the Assembly.
Bill 6961-A, in effect immediately, requires the posting of the Child Abuse Hotline number in every public school, including charter schools, in the state of New York. These posters will be in both English and Spanish and will be visible for both students and teachers within the school building.

According to a statement by Miller, nationwide statistics show that one in every 4 girls is molested and one out of every 6 boys. Eighty percent of abusers are these children’s parents. Miller said, “This bill is a cost effective way for students and teachers of these students to report abuse. Children who are being abused will now have a way to anonymously report their abusers. In this day and age we must do everything we can to make sure children are safe.”

Assemblyman Miller made this bill one of his top priorities this legislative session. “After reviewing the statistics about child abuse, I knew I had to work hard to push this bill out of the Assembly. Schools are a sanctuary for children; it’s where children learn and socialize with peers. If children could see these posters directing them to call the Child Abuse Hotline it would be educating them and giving them an avenue to report abuse.”

Miller said he was happy to see that Governor Cuomo signed this bill into law. The bill was a bipartisan effort with Senator Joseph E. Robach (R-Rochester) sponsoring the Senate counterpart. “With school starting in another month, this law will be beneficial to our students statewide,” Miller said.