Patrick McGreevy, Lawmakers take step toward eliminating statute of limitations for sex crime prosecutions

Update : SB813 passed in California Senate on June 2, 2016


Survivors of childhood sex abuse, dozens of advocacy organizations from around New York State, and their families, friends, and supporters will march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday, June 5th to demonstrate broad public support for the Child Victims Act.

Bishop of Allentown Encourages Opposition to SOL Reform in Pennsylvania

Still waiting for lists of priests and employees from NJ dioceses. Not enough to share w DAs in secret

Child Sex Abuse Advocates Gather in PA for SOL Reform

Peter Kuzma and Rep. Mark Rozzi

ACTION ALERT: Friday, May 27 – Multi-Organizational Demonstration to Protest Actions being taken by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia top leadership to fight the passage of PA HB 1947- #SOLReform

Wear white shirt and bring friends and family to send message that Catholic hierarchy’s opposition to victims’ access to justice is immoral and wrong.

House Bill 1947 and its possible effects on Saint Genevieve and all Pennsylvania parishes

Lies Lies Lies

PA Action Alert: Join Bishop Timothy Senior to help increase propaganda against the victims created by the bishops’ self-serving policies.

Be in the commercial! Enjoy the misleading presentation of the bill and the lies about actual effects! Guaranteed to be fun and informative!

Ivey DeJesus, Filmmaker hopes his short film on clergy sex abuse will persuade lawmakers to reform law, Penn Live

Surely they have 15 mins

Matthew Gambino, At meeting, clergy hear of push to lift statutes of limitation on sex abuse cases, Catholic Philly

Brace yourself for the propaganda