Why Can’t They Just Get Over It?

Excellent article on survivor struggles

Why Child Abuse Victims Don't "Just Get Over It"

We are living in a time when there is an explosion of disclosures of an as yet untold number of cases of abuse, and there is an explosion of neurobiological knowledge, as well, that can help the survivors seeking relief. In both realms, we are only now getting to see the very tip of what is vastly bigger than we ever realized.

Debra Schilling Wolfe MEd., Revisiting Child Abuse Reporting Laws (2012)

PA continues to stall on real SOL reform for the thousands of victims shut out of court, on the advice of the bishops

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The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome This article appeared…

Another medical expert talks about the lifelong damage of child abuse.

The Lasting Damage of Child Abuse http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-mendelson-md/the-lasting-damage-of-chi_b_4515918.html Scott…

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This paper reviews the research on disclosure of child sexual abuse with specific reference to delays in disclosing, non-disclosure and partial disclosure of experiences of child sexual abuse.

Factors related to the reporting of childhood rape. (1999)

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