Bucks DA Opposes Window, Sides With Institutions Hiding Decades Of Abuse.

Chairman Heckler was asked by Ivey at the Patriot News about the windows bill – why it wasn’t part of the package…..he responded:

“I would frankly doubt the claim that all of the advocates or many of the advocates are talking about this.  A narrow group of people who think trial lawyers are the answer to society’s ills are talking about this.  We took tons of testimony I have forgotten how many days 10-12 days of all day testimony we didn’t have anybody ask to testify who wanted to testify on this subject.  I don’t believe that it is so much the advocates as it is a noisy group of people who get a lot of press.  So, I leave this to the legislature and I suspect it has a lot to do with where you stand on tort reform in general.  We did not see this as something that dealt with the abuse of children now or even abusers with the exception of a few who would still be in the position to be abusing children.  That is a big argument if you let us sue the church for instance we will get all these abuser priests.  If you look at the time available for civil action you are talking about some really old folks there may be some people still in circulation who will be unearthed but you are not talking about substantial number of people.  At any rate not a subject we dealt with.”