Action alert for MA residents and survivors

Your Action on SOL Reform Needed Today!


In a strategic effort to move civil Statute of Limitations (SOL) reform forward, Senator Brownsberger yesterday personally reached out to his Senate colleagues to urge them to add their names to a letter that he and Rep. Lawn have drafted. The letter urges Senate President Murray and House Speaker DeLeo to shepherd SOL bills  S. 63 and H.1455 out of Committee and on to the Senate and House floors for a vote.   Within hours, 30 of 40 Senators had already signed the letter.  Rep. Lawn is reaching out to his House colleagues and expects strong support as well.


Your voice needs to be heard today.  Call your legislators and urge them to add their names to the letter.  If they have already done so, thank them and encourage them to ask their colleagues to do the same.  (Because Sen. Brownsberger and Rep. Lawn are reaching out personally to their colleagues, legislative aides may not yet be aware of this effort.  You should know this, in case aides tell you they have not seen such a letter.)  The letter will be sent to Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray on July 31 just before the August recess. It may be publicly released to the media at that time. Make sure your legislators’ names are on it.


Tell them that survivors and advocates intend to take the issue of SOL reform to the mat.  We expect them to take it to the Floor and vote to abolish or retroactively extend the civil SOL.   Survivors deserve justice and our children deserve action now.  Thanks and check our website or Facebook page for regular updates!


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