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Victim testimony delays parole date for convicted sex offender

SALT LAKE CITY — An upcoming parole date for a convicted child sex offender has been revoked after a number of victims came forward to testify against him.
The Board of Pardons and Parole opted Tuesday to cancel this month’s release date for Michael Doporto, who has served 20 years for raping a child. Doporto must again complete an 18-month sex offender treatment program and will not be eligible for a parole hearing again until May 2016.
Doporto was convicted of one count of sexual abuse of a child and sodomy on a child in 1998. The sex abuse conviction carried a sentence of up to 15 years, which he has served. The sodomy conviction carries a sentence of 10 years to life in prison.
Five women who say they were victims of abuse or rape at Doporto’s hands delivered comments during a hearing Oct. 10, pleading with parole board officer Jim Hatch to keep Doporto in prison for life.
Their efforts included an online petition and a demonstration by members of the group Bikers Against Child Abuse, which attended the packed hearing to support the victims.
Although Doporto was only convicted of raping one of the women because the statute of limitations prevented the other cases from being brought to trial, he has admitted in post-conviction documents that he did assault the others.
All of the women spoke of how they continue to struggle in their personal lives today, many saying they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and battle depression, panic attacks and anxiety daily. One of the women said she has had suicidal thoughts and has cut herself in the past as a way to deal with it.