this report.


Please come out to support these brave survivors whose claims were recently vindicated in this report.
and to demand SOL Reform.   If you cannot make it, please contact those you know in Georgia to attend in support.
Atlanta News Conference, Thursday, March 13, 2014 
A Group of Men, Who Were the Subjects of District Attorney’s Explosive Report About Sexual Abuse and Assault by Successful Karate Instructor (Who Is Still Teaching Children in Camden County, Georgia); Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine); and Prof. Marci Hamilton, Will Hold Press Conference
What:   On Thursday, March 13, 2014, a press conference will be held
to introduce to the public the latest group of sex abuse victims shut out of court by unfair statutes of limitations, and to give them a voice to warn parents that their children remain at risk from the perpetrator who abused them;
to hold legislators accountable for failing to enact statutes of limitations reform for child sex abuse victims this year;
 and to lay out a plan to increase justice for all victims of child sexual abuse.
When:            Thursday, March 13, 2014
                       1:30 pm
Where:           Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, GA
                       Capitol Rotunda                       
Who:             Victims of karate instructor who owns successful karate school, whose claims of sex abuse were found credible in District Attorney’s recent report, but who may not file criminal charges or file a civil case because of the statutes of limitation
                      Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) (sponsor of H.B. 771)
                      Prof. Marci A. Hamilton, leading national expert on statutes of limitations for child sex abuse, author of Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children
“These men are heroes.   They suffered as children at the hands of their trusted and charismatic karate instructor, could not come forward for years like so many victims of child sex abuse, and now they are speaking out because they fear that their perpetrator may still be abusing children,” said Prof. Marci Hamilton.  “They are shut out of the justice system by an arbitrary deadline, the criminal and civil statutes of limitation.  These survivors are proof positive that Georgia has more work to do to protect children.  It is an either-or choice: protect children or predators.”
“I want to make the public aware of the latest sex abuse victims who have been shut out of Georgia’s courts. Children are at risk,” said Rep. Spencer. “The District Attorney’s office recently released a report about sexual abuse by a local karate instructor who is still teaching children. According to her report, there is sufficient grounds for prosecution. However, these victims may not file criminal charges or file a civil case because of Georgia’s unfair statute of limitations for child sex abuse. We cannot let this continue to happen to our children.”
Contact:  Betsy Lynch               (404) 656-3996
Contact:  Marci Hamilton  (215) 353-8984 (cell)