Survivors Petition Indiana Governor & General Assembly

Survivors Petition Indiana Governor & General Assembly
Pledge to Reach 3.000 by End of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Schererville, Indiana — Sexual assault survivors and supporters collected almost 1,700 petition signatures in three weeks to eliminate the statute of limitations (SOL) on sexual assault in Indiana.
“We are determined to reach 3,000 petitioners by the end of April,” said Joy Evans Ryder, the petition spokesperson. “April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”
“Perpetrators require us to stay unaware and do nothing. It’s time to be a game changer. We make the rules and use our voices to make change now!”
“The FBI ranks rape as the second-most violent crime. It’s time to take sexual assault seriously. If Indiana eliminated the SOL, many sex offenders would not be free to assault hundreds of victims over decades.”
“It is estimated that for every assault that is reported to authorities, another goes unreported. By the time victims become strong, independent and safe enough to come forward — the statute of limitations re-victimizes them,” Ryder explained.
“Twenty six states have eliminated the statute of limitations for rape and so should Indiana. Survivors deserve a chance at a day in court. If the SOL is eliminated, prosecutors will still need evidence. Lack of evidence may prevent justice, but time restrictions should not,” insisted Ryder.
“We have added the members of the General Assembly to our petition to Governor Mike Pence. The Governor’s Director of Policy for Criminal Justice, Christina Trexler, received our petition of over 1,000 signatures collected in the first four days of our petition drive in a meeting March 13, 2014.”
Joy Evans Ryder was a victim, as a young teenager, in Indiana. For the past several years, Joy has been counseling and helping other victims and working to give them a voice.
Contact: Joy Evans Ryder
Ryder will be in the Northwest Indiana area until April 10. She would love to meet with you.