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Rozzi unveils documentary featuring victims of sexual abuse

State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, today premiered his documentary “You Have the Power” featuring victims of child sexual abuse and said the documentary demonstrates a drastic need for reform to the state’s statute of limitations law.

Rozzi said all victims and advocates featured in the documentary were impacted by abuse that occurred in Pennsylvania.

“These people are our neighbors, family, friends and coworkers. While the statistics show that one in four girls and one in six boys have been abused, only one in 10 will tell of his or her abuse,” Rozzi explained.

Rozzi discussed his H.B. 2067 that would suspend the civil statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse who have not yet reached 50 years old. The measure would allow victims the opportunity to seek civil recourse from their perpetrators and would permanently remove the civil and criminal statute of limitations involving child sexual abuse.

“It takes victims years if not decades to acknowledge the abuse. We need to give them the opportunity to seek justice and protect future generations of children by bringing action against perpetrators,” Rozzi said.

Rozzi was joined by state Sen. Rob Teplitz and state Reps. Louise Bishop, Madeleine Dean, Ed Gainey, Dan Miller, Tom Murt, Steve McCarter, Mike O’Brien, Steve Santarsiero and Brian Sims.

Teplitz has drafted similar legislation that would suspend the statute of limitations and remove the sexual abuse statute of limitations for civil recourse and criminal prosecution. His bill would also remove the sovereign immunity defense for public officials and institutions.

“It takes incredible courage for sex abuse victims to come forward and share their stories, but because of the incredible toll that this horrendous crime takes on victims, they often need years and sometimes even decades to garner the strength to open up about abuse. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania law prevents them from facing their accuser in court,” said Teplitz, D-Dauphin/York. “These bills would give victims the opportunity to seek justice so that they can heal and break the cycle of abuse.”