Brad Segall, In Pennsylvania, Protecting Children is One PAC’s Sole Aim, CBS Local

In Pennsylvania, Protecting Children is One PAC’s Sole Aim

By Brad Segall

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A newly formed political action committee has released a voter’s guide to let Pennsylvania residents know,  before they head to the polls next month, how their state lawmakers are doing when it comes to protecting children.

The online guide, put together by “Protect PA Kids,” designates state representatives and state senators as “protectors” if they were a primary sponsor of a recent bill to protect kids.

It also notes lawmakers who opposed the legislation.

The PAC focuses on a number of issues including teen driving laws and teacher background checks.  But founder Susan Matthews says the key issue is reforming the statute of limitations in the wake of theSandusky and Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex scandals.

“It became very apparent that institutional coverups had prevented justice for several victims, so the spotlight was on this issue,” she tells KYW Newsradio.

Many states have already enacted reforms, according to Matthews.  And she says that by identifying predators, reform would help protect children from becoming future victims.

“Pennsylvania is lacking in this area and yet somehow there aren’t hearings or bills passed to back that up,” she says.

She points the finger at special-interest groups whose deep pockets, she says, can drown out the voices of grandparents, parents, and law enforcement officials.