HB 17 (GA Hidden Predator Act) MEETING NOTICE

The first hearing for HB 17, the Hidden Predator Act, will be in the Fleming Subcommittee -Judiciary Civil on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 3 :00 PM in the Judiciary Committee meeting room 132 inside the Capitol.  Room 132 is on the first (ground level) floor of the Capitol.
Please notify all survivors who are being scripted to testify to make plans to come to the capitol. I am not certain the order in which the bill will be heard until I receive and official notice.  Please instruct your survivors to make plans to clear their schedules for the entire afternoon and evening.  This could be a long hearing. Also, please advise survivors who will be testifying that they will be required to sign up to speak on the bill and to show up 1 hour prior to the meeting (2 PM).
If you have any other questions just email Rep. Spencer spencer4hirega@gmail.com