Curtis Haring, Flagged Bill: HB 277 – Statute of Limitations for Civil Actions – Rep. Ken Ivory | Utah Political Capitol

Last December, Utah Political Capitol reported on Representative Ken Ivory (Republican – West Jordan) appearing to pass legislation that focused on preventing childhood sexual abuse which would simultaneously benefit himself and his wife.

For this reason, it is only natural that we add extra scrutiny when reviewing Ivory’s HB 277 – Statute of Limitations for Civil Action, which would remove the statue of limitations for civil cases of sexual abuse .

Currently, under Utah law, if a person discovers childhood sexual abuse after turning 18, that individual has only four years to bring suit against the perpetrator before the civil (as opposed to criminal) statute of limitation expires – sometimes making it difficult for people to seek justice beyond a criminal sentencing.

Ivory, with HB 277, is removing the four year limitation – allowing anyone, at any time, to bring civil suit against an individual regardless of timelines. If you were abused when you were 4, found out about it at 23, and brought suit at 42, it would be allowed under Ivory’s bill.


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