Elizabeth Faugl, Lawmaker Pushing for Change in Statute of Limitations on Rape Cases, ABC 6

OHIO STATEHOUSE (Rob Wells) — If one Ohio Senator has his way, police will have unlimited time to prosecute rapists.

Republican State Senator Jim Hughes is pushing to pass Senate Bill 13. The legislation, if finally signed by Governor Kasich, would lift the 20-year statute of limitations in using DNA to convict rapists in Ohio.

Hughes says the current 20 year limit in Ohio was enacted before DNA kits were used in sexual assault investigations. He says he believes the measure would be especially valuable to child sex crime victims, and hopes to have the bill passed by April.

Sue Wismar of the Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio says while the move will help, it won’t solve all cases where DNA wasn’t collected. She adds that her agency works closely with rape victims and hopes the Senate Bill will give victims a chance in putting rapists behind bars.

Wismar encourages any victim of sexual assault to contact the 24 Hour Rape Helpline at 614-267-7020.