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A North Dakota Senate bill would raise the statute of limitations on complaints dealing with child sex abuse.

The measure would raise the statute of limitations on prosecution from seven to ten years.

It would do the same for claims of relief.

The bill unanimously passed the Senate last month.

Co-sponsor of the bill Rep. Kathy Hogan would like to see the statute of limitations for criminal and civil complaints removed.

The bill is currently being reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee.

North Dakota lawmakers discuss human trafficking and victim support at the State Capitol.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill earlier this session to appropriate $1 million toward treatment and support services for victims of human trafficking.

The House Judiciary Committee is currently reviewing the measure.

North Dakota currently has no shelter specifically in place for trafficking victims.

Windie Lazenko, the founder of 4Her ND, an organization that supports victims, says the need for a shelter is greater now than ever.

Over the past year Lazenko has served several victims, even giving them a place to stay in her home.

But, she says it is becoming less safe with traffickers tracking the victims.

“The only option was to take them home. There was no way that I could just let the girl walk away when she was willing to come and spend the night in a safe place, but that is not safe. There needs to be staff, there needs to be more than just me doing this work because it is a 24/7 job,” says Windie Lazenko Founder of 4Her ND.

Lazenko is also a member of the National Survivor Network.

The so-called “Right to Try” bill unanimously passes the North Dakota House.

The measure would allow patients with terminal illnesses to use medications that do not have full U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

The patients would be able to try medications that have passed phase one of the FDA drug approval process and are recommended by their doctor.

The bill already passed the Senate in February 32 to 15, but will go back for concurrence.