Idaho Alert: Danger to Children

Idaho residents should contact their personal Representative AND click link below

On Monday, the Idaho Senate will vote on House Bill 113  A Senate committee recently improved it after I and other child advocates testified against it. But it’s still dangerous and we’re worried.
While the Senators did attempt to fulfill a request we made to exempt parents who abuse or neglect children (including medical and educational neglect), they only included language that states that this bill should not be construed to protect parents who violate Idaho’s current child abuse & neglect statutes, which, tragically, include exemptions for parents who medically neglect their children by “treating” them only with prayer.
Also, the bill encourages parents to sue school districts, doctors, CPS, police, or anyone else they feel has violated their “fundamental rights.”
HOW YOU CAN HELP (We’ve made it easy!): Go to our #ProjectIdaho page. There is a link at the bottom that allow you to send an email to every Idaho Senator with one click.
Thank you for your support!