Utah Resident Alert–SOL Hearing 3/11 11am MDT

Utah is making progress on expanding the SOL against the perp.

All extensions are good, and open the door for further extensions, elimination, expansion, and revivals.

If you are a Utah resident, below is a sample letter to send to your Senator THIS MORNING, 3/11/15, before 11am MDT. 2d and 3d Readings are today.

Dear Senator XXX,

I live in XX, Utah, and I am one of your constituents. Soon you will be asked to vote on HB 277 Statute of Limitations for Civil Actions. This is a very important bill. Currently, Utah is ranked in the second to worst category for child sex abuse statutes of limitations. This bill would move us up to only “mediocre” but it is an important move in the right direction Utah’s victims and families.

It takes victims on average till age 40 to come forward. This bill would right the wrongs of shielding pedophiles by silencing victims and barring victims from going to court simply due an arbitrary deadline.

This bill shifts the costs of abuse from the victim to the perpetrator. That is only fair. This bill does NOT affect insurance companies or employers, etc. It ONLY lifts the statute of limitations against the pedophile.

Please help Utah’s now-silent victims and identify the hidden perpetrators. The choice is Utah’s children vs. Utah’s child predators. Please vote YES on HB277.

Thank you for your time and hard work!