Betsy Schindler, Delegate’s story of abuse can help others, Baltimore Sun

If fC.Tound the testimony of Del. C.T. Wilson both brave and inspirational (“In hope of helping others, delegate reveals abuse as child,” March 27). I agree that the damage caused by pedophiles is lasting and does not end, but I disagree that he is broken. He is aware of the impact this trauma has had on his life and appears to be doing the best he can to help others and serve his community in politics. An example is testifying to extend the statute of limitations on sex abuse civil cases.

As for the Catholics who oppose such a change — the Catholic Church protected monsters; if you wish to now protect the Catholic Church from their responsibility to victims, what does that make you? I can guarantee that any victims of sexual abuse are not calling in to oppose this legislation. Only those who had the good fortune to escape the clutches of a pedophile in their childhood.