Help Pass the Child Victims Act, Safe Horizons

A pending New York State bill known as the Child Victims Act (A.2872/S.63) will help adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse obtain justice in civil and/or criminal court proceedings, and in so doing will help expose offenders who prey on our youngest neighbors.

Specifically, the bill will eliminate the statute of limitations for additional felony-level sex crimes against children, and will create a one-year “window” to allow adult survivors to bring civil charges against their offenders. Currently, adult survivors are prohibited from seeking justice once they turn 24 years old.

Safe Horizon supports the Child Victims Act because we firmly believe that those who prey on children should not simply be able to run out the clock when it comes to facing justice. This legislation will help protect future generations of children by unmasking pedophiles who have evaded exposure and holding organizations and institutions accountable for covering up their offenses.

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