Scott Broom, Md. delegate says he was raped as a child, WUSA

Maryland State Delegate C.T. Wilson revealed for the first time during a committee testimony that he’d been repeatedly raped by his adoptive father between the ages of nine and 15.
Many people knew that Wilson, of Charles County, had it rough growing up as a foster child. But until his testimony during a state senate committee on March 18, they didn’t know how rough.
“I went from what was a difficult life to a downright hell,” Wilson told his colleagues.
It was not a spotlight Wilson sought, he said Wednesday in a follow up interview with WUSA9.
Scott Broom speaks with Delegate C.T. Wilson.
“I could have gone the rest of my life without talking about this,” Wilson said.
The former Army combat medic who went on to become a prosecutor and politician said he decided to reveal his secret in order to lead the way for others who were hesitating to testify on a child sexual abuse legal reform bill.
It was heart wrenching decision. Wilson describes a life of suffering in the wake of abuse and says at age 43, he is still unable to sleep because “my mind doesn’t want to go there.”
“I’m left with just me,” Wilson explained.
Wilson wants Maryland to remove the age limitation for victims of child sexual abuse to sue their abusers. Currently victims over the age of 25 may not bring suit.
“I want my legacy to be more than this. That’s why I’ve avoided a lot of it,” Wilson said. “But I guess letting others know they are not alone in their pain and suffering — I guess it’s worth it.”
The bill is opposed most notably by Maryland’s Catholic Archdiocese. The measure appears to be headed for defeat.
Regardless of the outcome, it appears Wilson’s reach has extended far beyond the hearing room.
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