RFRA enables discrimination to take place in Indiana, Indy Star

In a country built on the principles of democracy and equality for all, the contrast between ideology and praxis is sharp. Refugees are unwelcome here, people of color are subjected to police brutality, and here in Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects the right to discriminate. By affiliating with a religion, businesses or individuals can discriminate based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Indiana needs to step up. RFRA is an atrocious piece of legislation which facilitates discrimination and endangers LGBT people, including youth, who already at higher risk for mental illness, suicide and bullying. Laws like RFRA aren’t victimless: there are real people, living in our state, being treated as lesser citizens. Where did our commitment to equality go?

Gov. Mike Pence has repeatedly stated his absolute refusal to protect LGBT people, even when confronted with an estimated $60 million loss in state revenue as a result of RFRA. Members of the Indiana Senate share Pence’s mind, even rejecting bills like SB 344, which moved to protect individuals based on sexual orientation while still protecting religious freedoms.

Contact your legislators and Gov. Pence. They need to hear the frustrations of allies. We must hold them accountable.

Theo Kuchar


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