Voices, Louise Kramer

“Dear Brian,

Hi. I am your cousin Steve’s wife.

Upon receiving your letter, I knew that I had to respond to you. I have been a volunteer at St. Joseph’s Prayer Center here on Long Island for the past 25 plus years. The ministry was started by a Jesuit priest over 40 yrs ago. The mission is for inner healing. A large percentage of the people who come in for prayer and healing have been sexually abused. The fact that I want to convey is that a large portion of these people come to the realization well after they have reached adulthood. A lot of them in their 40’s and 50’s. A child protects himself and survives in many different ways. Blocking out the reality is one of those mechanisms. One of the ways to a solid healing for the victim is to make sure that the perpetrator cannot go on doing this in society. So the legal aspect can be very important. The second and very important part of the healing for the victim comes from the ability to forgive the perpetrator and themselves, as hard as that comes across, it is the truth.
I read your letter to our group without your name and gave them the addresses. I hope that they followed through with sending them out.
May God speed with your endeavors—
Louise Kramer”