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Emma Gray, Gloria Allred Suggests Bill Cosby Waive Statute Of Limitations As Two More Women Step Forward, Huffington Post

CA Gov Brown signs criminal extension and vetoes civil.

How much more will he do for institutions that harbor pedophiles?

ACTION ALERT: California - Please start drafting your letters to the Governor.

Please start drafting your letters to the Governor.


CA residents-- SOL reform can happen w your help! Please sign the petition and if your case was blocked by an expired SOL, tell your story on Facebook.

Contra Costa DA, Concord police chief, others recommend reviewing child abuse reporting law

Another senseless and arbitrary deadline endangering children

Hawaii Window Creates Another Opportunity for Justice--This Time Against Hollywood Power

UPDATED: A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Hawaii Federal Court alleges…

CA SB 131 Consideration of Governor's veto stricken from file.

Update: February 27, 2014 - Consideration of Governor's…