Letter from Horace Mann teachers, and article, The Riverdale Press

God to see teachers getting on board child protection. Now how about SOL Reform?

Rukmini Callimachi, To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control, NY Times

Full article http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/13/world/middleeast/to-maintain-supply-of-sex-slaves-isis-pushes-birth-control.html?_r=0 To…

Priest attacks jurors; Victims want him punished

Let Adamec sue for defamation. Wait--truth is an absolute defense.

So much happening nationwide.

So much happening nationwide.

Action Alert: PA SNAP event in Hollidaysburg Tues March 8

Action Alert: PA SNAP event in Hollidaysburg Tues March 8

Manny Waks, ​Meet Hilly. One of my new mates and heroes. And meet the courageous Ballarat group. Mates and heroes., MannyWaks.com

There is a special place in hell for anyone who lets a child in an orphanage be abused

Phil Cleary, After Pell, the questions we all need to answer, The Age

Questions for every government, institution, and individual on the globe.

Gary Wills, Boston: Truth and Complicity, NYR Daily

Good luck to Spotlight and the truth tonight!

Misha Debono, Former teen model sues modeling school over alleged sex assault, Fox 5 San Diego

“He had sex with me. His girlfriend had sex with me. It was sexual intercourse and it was all video taped,” Kyser said.