IL needs your help! Please email members in support of elim of civil and criminal SOLs!

There has been some progress in the Illinois legislature in passing legislation (civil and criminal) to eliminate the statute of limitations for sexually abusing children.
HB1063 is the criminal bill.
SB1399 is the civil bill.
It’s been a long struggle and it’s not over. The clock is ticking as the general assembly will adjourn in a few weeks. Any support from anywhere in the country is welcome. We need to press the legislators to pass these bills which are critical to protecting our children and grandchildren. The email addresses of the Illinois senators are shown below. Contact them urging them to protect children, and not special interest groups in Illinois.

It’s quite ironic that the lobby pressuring the strongest is the State’s Attorney’s Association. Check them out at
Lets help all states to protect children from sex abuse by eliminating the SOL!     
Bertino-Tarrant, Jennifer  (49th)
Biss, Daniel                       (9th)
Clayborne, James F., Jr  (57th) Majority Leader)
Collins, Jacqueline Y.       (16th)
Cullerton, John J.              (6th)
Cullerton, Thomas            (23rd)
Cunningham, Bill               (18th)
Delgado, William              (2nd)
Forby, Gary                      (59th)
Frerichs, Michael W.       (52nd)
Haine, William R.             (56th)
Harmon, Don                   (39th)   dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gob –  (President Pro Tempore)
Harris, Napolean             (15th)
Holmes, Linda                 (42nd)
Hunter, Mattie                  (3rd)  –    (Majority Caucus Whip)
Hutchinson, Toi               (40th)
Jacobs, Mike                   (36th)
Jones, III, Emil                (14th)
Koehler, David                (46th)
Kotowski, Dan                 (33rd)
Landek, Steven M.          (11th)
Lightford, Kimberly A.      (4th)
Link, Terry                       (30th)
Manar, Andy                    (48th)    No email   –  FAX#:  1-217-429-8018
Martinez, Iris Y.               (20th)
McGuire, Pat                   (43rd)
Morrison, Julie                (29th)
Mulroe, John G.              (10th)
Munoz, Antonio               (1st) -(Assistant Majority Leader)
Noland, Michael              (22nd)
Reoul, Kwame                (13th)
Sandoval, Martin             (12th)
Silverstein, Ira I.              (8th)  – (Majority Caucus Whip)
Stadelman, Steve            (34th)
Steans, Heather              (7th)
Sulivan, John                   (47th)  – (Assistat Majority Leader
Trotter, Donne E.            (17th)  –   (Majority Caucus Chair)
Van Pelt, Patricia             (5th)