Progress on child sex abuse awareness and prevention in FL!

4 bills up in the Florida Legislature this session have passed unanimously!

The four pieces of legislation (SB 522, SB 524, SB 526, SB 528), sponsored by Senators Grimsley, Sobel, Bradley and Evers, include provisions relating to the prevention of sexual violence and punishment of predators, including measures that will:

  • Expand the criteria for civil commitment screening so predators do not fall through the cracks and improve the multidisciplinary team that evaluates predators and offenders,
  • Improve awareness about area sex offenders and predators on college campuses,
  • Toll community supervision of predators so supervision begins after release from civil commitment,
  • Close a loophole in our state’s criminal statute of limitations to allow individuals victimized by sexual violence before age 16 to seek justice for the acts committed against them as children,
  • Expand the amount of information sex offenders must register with law enforcement to include internet identifiers and information about vehicles and professional licenses,
  • Enact a 50-year mandatory minimum sentence for those who sexually assault an individual with a developmental delay or disability,
  • Expand the court’s ability to allow use of service and therapy animals to aid a child victim or witness or a sexual offense victim or witness in his or her testimony, and more.