Action Alert

Please sign and forward to friends
And family

Hello all,

Below is the link to the Child Victims Act petition we will be presenting at the CVA lobby day, Wednesday April 22. Please take 30 seconds to complete the petition. We are at 499 signatures!

We will be printing out the list tomorrow afternoon.

*** All That Is Necessary For The Triumph of Evil Is For
“Good People To Do Nothing” ***

Chances of Being Struck by Lightning :
1 in 6.2million

Chances of Dying in a Plane Crash :
1 in 400,000

Chances of Dying in a Auto Accident :
1 in 19,000

Chances of a Child Being Raped(Sexually Abused) :
1 in 4

“True Evil, Lies Not In The Depraved Act Of The One, But In The “Silence” Of The Many”.