Meg Rossman, Two Alleged Victims of Child Abuse Taking Their Fight to Albany, TWC News

Vanessa DeRosa and Tino Flores want change, and it’s something the two alleged victims of child sexual abuse believe will only come with a new state law.

“It’s very frustrating, and I’m sure not just for myself. I’m sure it’s frustrating for a lot of people,” said DeRosa. “There’s countless reasons why people don’t come forward in the time frame allowed by the law.”

“People are afraid, they don’t want to say anything,” explained Flores. “Especially kids, they think ‘who’s going to believe me?'”

Earlier this year, DeRosa and Flores shared their stories in the hopes of helping other victims. DeRosa said she was abused by a Catholic School teacher when she was 13. Flores said a priest started abusing him at age 10.

Under current laws, the statute of limitations ran out when they turned 23. On Wednesday, Flores will head to Albany in hopes of convincing state lawmakers to pass the Child Victims Act which would extend that window.

“The hope is that with this legislation passed, a one-year window would be created for victims of child sexual abuse to be able to actually bring a claim against their accusers,” explained William Lorenz Jr., attorney.

The bill would also remove the statute of limitations for victims younger than 18.

The proposed legislation stalled in both houses last year.

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