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On behalf of PA victims of child sex abuse, please contact House Judiciary Committee Members TODAY!

Rep. Ron Marsico, Chair,
PA House Judiciary Committee

This week, Rep. Marsico, chair of the PA House Judiciary Committee, who, in the past, has blocked statue of limitation reforms for over a decade, has decided that instead of allowing debate on two current bills that have wide support among child abuse advocates (HB 655 and HB 951) he instead will offer his own bill for discussion tomorrow which will automatically be forwarded to his committee for consideration on Wednesday where he will recommend that it be considered by the whole PA State House. The proposed bill will likely eliminate the criminal statue of limitations for all cases of child sex abuse that happen after the passage of the bill. (As in, if you were abused the day after the bill passes you will have no limit on the time you can bring a criminal charge. If you were abused before the bill is passed, you will have a limit on how long you have to report the crime.) Marsico’s bill will do little to help current and past victims of child sex abuse and will allow their perpetrators a free ride. You can read more about it at the end of the newsletter if you like.

Whatever will happen over the next couple days is currently being negotiated among House members. For advocates of full #SOLReform it means there is a limited time where we can influence their decision.

Please contact as many members of the House Judiciary Committee as you can, especially Chairman Marsico,asking them to:

1. Support amendments to Rep. Marsico’s bill that will eliminate both the criminal AND civil statute of limitations on child sex abuse
2. Take up consideration of HB 951 which creates a 2 year window for present and past victims of sexual abuse to file civil suits that will expose hidden perpetrators and protect PA children.

House Judiciary Committee Members
Ron Marsico, Maj. Chair (717) 783-2014
Email: Jim Cox (717) 772-2435
Sheryl Delozier (717) 783-5282
Email: Garth Everett (717) 787-5270
Kate Klunk (717) 787-4790
Email: Martina White (717) 787-6740
Barry Jozwiak (717) 772-9940
Email: Mark Keller (717) 783-1593
Tim Krieger (717) 260-6146
Email: Ted Nesbit (717) 783-6438
Mike Regan (717) 783-8783
Email: Rick Saccone (717) 260-6122
Todd Stephens (717) 260-6163
Email: Marcy Toepel (717) 787-9501
Tarah Toohil (717) 260-6136
Email: Mike Vereb (717) 705-7164
Joseph Petrarca (717) 787-5142
Email: Bryan Barbin (717) 783-0686
Ryan Bizzarro (717) 772-2297
Email: Tim Briggs (717) 705-7011
Dom Costa (717) 783-9114
Email: Tina Davis (717) 783-4903
Jason Dawkins (717 787-1354)
Email: Madeleine Dean (717) 783-7619
Dan Miller (717) 783-1850
Email: Gerald Mullery (717) 783-4893
Brandon Neuman
Harrisburg Office: (717) 783-4834

Thanks so much!
John Salveson, President FACSA

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