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CA window is reason we now know LA Archdiocese was watching short SOLs to avoid liability

Letter from Rev. Msgr. Dyer July 1992: “The willingness of the Archdiocese to expend in the neighborhood of $60,000 for treatment for Father Barmasse should be ample testimony to this pastoral approach. NO penal process was begun because, at the time of the first intervention with Father Barmasse concerning the allegations, other remedies were agreed […]

Institutions watch and benefit from SOLs. They need to be eliminated and windows need to be passed.

November 1989: Letter from Msgr. Curry to Archbishop Mahoney: “The young boy involved is now about eighteen, so [Rev] Kevin [Barmasse] should certainly not return for another two years by which time the period for filing law suits will have passed. (page 33) View Entire PDF File

Bill would give victims of sexual abuse more time to sue abusers

“Existing law requires action for damages suffered as a result of childhood sexual abuse commence by age 26, but we have a lot of medical and scientific literature demonstrating that this is not appropriate,” Beall said. “In many cases, the discovery of psychological injuries stemming from sex abuse as a child emerge later in life […]

Covering up sex abuse in the Los Angeles Archdiocese

The archdiocese’s cover-up Covering up sex abuse in the Los Angeles Archdiocese – Los Angeles Times. For years, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles fought to keep secret its confidential files concerning pedophile priests. Hundreds of sex abuse victims hoping for a full accounting of what church leaders knew about the growing scandal and […]