GEORGIA ACTION ALERT: Event Wednesday, November 12th

Georgia Hidden Predator Act Panel Discussion

Dave Altimari, Connecticut Boarding School Target Of New Sexual Abuse Allegations, The Courant

Good for these CT survivors! Wouldn't be possible in NY or GA!

Heroic survivors protecting children in their community

Criminal charges will not be filed against Craig Peeples, director of Pak's Karate in Kingsland, despite the district attorney's opinion that "sufficient evidence" exists linking him to numerous acts of child molestation over more than a decade.

GA Alert for SOL reform

GA Alert for SOL reform

DA vindicates victims of karate instructor

View PDF of Letter from DA

New Bill Aimed at Child Sex Abuse Cases in GA

Ok extension against perps. Should be expanded to include institutions

GA bill will extend SOL for child sex abuse, victims respond  GA…

Georgia lawmakers may lengthen the time child sex abuse victims can take legal actions against the adults who molested them.

Step in the right direction in GA on SOL More needs to be done, though! Expired claims need to be revived to learn who the hidden GA perps are.